What’s Next For KCC

SAVE THE DATE: Jan 25th-27th

Its that time of year again, and we invite you to save the date for the Winter KCC gathing.

This weekend is about being and becoming. It’s a spacious healing journey and exploration. An opportunity for seeing each other and feeling seen.

A time for deep dive story sharing, and receiving reflections from kindred spirits. An intimate opportunity to share and hear each other from different life stages. A facilitated experience of safe, courageous vulnerability, where we may choose to take the risk of being who we truly are.

Time to lighten up and play.

Open, free space in which to enjoy quality time within our community, or recharge time on your own.

A place for being and becoming. Roaring fire and roaring laughter. Great food and even better company. You’ll love who’s here!

See you soon,

The Vision Council


More details of the event and how to registar will be comeing soon.

If you are not on the list click the button to tehe right and sign up.