Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

• KCC is an open community of passionate people who are attuned to Spirit. We uplift and support each other to act for enlightened change in ourselves and in the world.
• Through connection, exploration, and deep conversation, we learn from each other and gain insights that lead each of us to embody inspired action, resulting in sustainable and caring relationships with each other, our families, organizations, communities, and our planet

We are an organization of people who choose to be conscious of spirit in our work and in our lives. We gather periodically to celebrate and nurture our personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

KCC Beginnings

KCC grew out of a conviction that the spiritual principles and practices taught by the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA, should be spread far and wide in our culture, particularly in the business community. As a result of a conference on Spirit in the Workplace hosted by Kripalu in 1993, a small group of attendees decided to begin meeting several weekends a year to explore these ideas and put them into practice in their consulting businesses. They called themselves the Kripalu Consultants’ Collaborative, later shortened to KCC. We began meeting in January, 1994.

Conference Design

Many KCC members are skilled in designing and presenting conferences and workshops. At the end of each weekend conference , three to six individuals volunteer to create a Design Team

To plan the next weekend conference. This team meets in person and by phone, fax, and email to create the ceremonies, group exercises, and individual practices that make up the weekend. And they take responsibility for staging the conference they have planned.