What’s Next For KCC

Being and Becoming…

We picked the theme of being and becoming for our winter KCC for many reasons. Among them, who are we as a nation being in this time of uncertainty and seeming regression into tribalism? How can we become the people, both individually and collectively that we aspire to be? What is that aspiration? Winter can be used as a time for reflection and contemplation and we ask that you come prepared to enter into that way of being. And discover who we can become together.

This weekend will be a spacious healing journey and exploration. An opportunity for seeing each other and feeling seen. A time for deep dive story sharing, and receiving reflections from kindred spirits. An intimate opportunity to share and hear each other from different life stages.

What gifts are you recognizing at this stage of your life? What aspects of your life are fading? How are you being in relationship with these stages? What is bringing you hope? What is your next stage? Who are you becoming now? These are just a few questions to ponder as you prepare to come and join us in a facilitated experience of safe, courageous vulnerability, where we may choose to take the risk of being who we truly are.

It is also a time to lighten up, play and celebrate. Open, free space in which to enjoy quality time within our community, or recharge time on your own. A place for being and becoming. A roaring fire and roaring laughter. Great food and even better company. You’ll love who’s here.

Design Team,

Curtis, Jannie and Ben

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