A conversation on the June KCC

Dear KCCers,

In 2003 the KCC Vision Counsel decided to try a Family KCC Weekend.   Over the past 7 years the June KCC weekend has been devoted to KCC members and their families.   The June Family/Intergenerational oriented KCC has had a consistent yet small number of families.  There is interest in revamping the June KCC focus.  Are we, do we want to and how are we integrating family needs into KCC?  A sub-committee of the VC has been working on this issue for the past 3 months. We want to open up the discussion with the community.  If you have particular concerns/questions/suggestions about the June KCC program or any other KCC program, please come to our November 20th Vision Counsel Meeting at Pete Elder’s home in Carmel, NY to share your perspective.    If you are unavailable to attend the meeting, please submit your thoughts/concerns in writing in an email to Nancy (nplumer@hvi.net), or we intend to have Skype available from 11am to 12:00noon for comments.  Please let me know by Friday, November 12th, if you will be coming to the meeting so we can ensure adequate space for all or if you would like to communicate on Skype.  Written comments will be read at the VC meeting.  Once you have RSVP’d, the agenda and additional information will be sent to you.

At the end of our Vision Counsel Meetings we have a pot luck party.  Our beloved Ron Nelson will be moving to California soon so come join us as we celebrate Ron’s journey and new beginning.

We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you on November 20th.

Many blessings,

Nancy Plumer, KCC Flame Keeper