January Newsletter from Nancy

Happy 2011! Wishing you a year of JOY, PEACE, LOVE and PROSPERITY! Hope to see you at the January KCC – Creativity and YOU! (see below)

Just want to fill you in on KCC News for this past year 2010 and what is in store for 2011:

1. Randy Nelson – As most of you know our dear friend, colleague, mentor, Randy Nelson, co-founder of KCC, passed away in June. She is missed, treasured and will always be a shining Light in KCC.

2. Ron Nelson – Our dear friend, mentor, model, Ron Nelson, co-founder of KCC, has relocated to Pebble Beach, California to be with family, friends and with whatever is waiting to unfold in his life. WE wish him many blessings and send Love to him in this transition in his life. He says he will be back for some of our KCCs. All the best, Ron, you know we are here….loving you.

3. Conversations that Matter – The Vision Counsel (VC) has explored and held four phone sessions of ”Conversations That Matter.” These are facilitated conversations on particular topics and limited to 12 participants. I participated in two of the calls and experienced connection, deep listening and sharing, some provocative ideas and perspectives and so enjoyed the connection with other KCCers. Ron has agreed to
continue this new way to connect/participate in KCC….if you have a topic you want to
explore or you want to facilitate a conversation, let Ron know (email Ron at nelson06870@gmail.com). Thank you, Paul, for your inspiration, focus and attention to “Conversations That Matter” and to Martin, Izzy and Ron for your facilitation.

4. KCC Website – KCC is in the process of creating a new website and we welcome your ideas, suggestions and input. Please contact Izzy Gesell, if you have input (email: izzy@izzyg.com ), thanks Izzy.

5. June KCC – At the November Vision Counsel meeting we explored a request to eliminate the Family KCC in June and return to an adult only summer KCC. Committed participants of the Family/June KCC came to the meeting and shared their passion, their perspective and their ideas. The VC and KCC members listened deeply to one another and it was decided to continue the 2011 June KCC with families and to involve more of the KCC community.

6. VC Vacancy – We welcomed Lisa Oxboel to the Vision Counsel (a return to VC) in 2010. So glad to have you back on VC. We thank Martin Strasmore for his service on VC…..as he leaves the VC, we thank you for your perspective and your presence, Martin.

We now have a vacancy on the VC and are looking for someone who would like to
contribute to KCC. The VC is an experience of connection, vision, friendship, processing,
sometimes challenging, holding the energy for KCC and such an amazing group of
people to work (play) with 3 times a year. If you would like to participate on the VC,
please let me or Paul Ward know, asap.

7. Martin and Kassandra – Also, thanks to Martin and Kassandra, the amazing chef, for hosting the October KCC in their home and for the outstanding food for the day and for our January KCC food.

8. New Flame Keeper – Finally, I am giving the torch over to our new Flame Keeper… I am happy to announce and welcome Paul Ward as the new KCC Flame Keeper. I have great trust that Paul will keep the flame of KCC lit and support the VC to continue to hold the vision for KCC and all that is to emerge.

Hope to see you at the January KCC – Creativity and YOU!, January 21-23, 2011 at the
beautiful Lifebridge Sanctuary in Rosendale/High Falls, NY. Our fabulous Design Team –
Robin, Kirsten and Curtis have designed an inspiring, fun, innovative and experiential
weekend for us to explore creativity. Looking forward to seeing you….sign up
now…email drpaulward@yahoo.com for the registration form. Hope you can join us!

So, I have truly enjoyed working as your Flame Keeper with the Vision Counsel….what a
phenomenal group of people. It has been a learning experience and always a pleasure
to participate and witness things getting worked out/processed….thank you, VC and KCC
for this opportunity.

May 2011 bring peace in the world, in our communities, in our families and in our
hearts….blessings and Light.

Nancy Plumer