Letter from Ron to KCCers

I am happily ensconced in a lovely two-bedroom home among the pines and cedars of Pebble Beach, California, and walking and biking along the amazing Big Sur Pacific coastline of central California. Also exercising regularly at the Monterey Sports Center, a great facility owned by the city of Monterey.

I am gradually worming my way into parts of the society by attending A Course in Miracles class at the local Science of Mind church; learning how to be a volunteer at the Monterey Aquarium; interviewing prospective Duke students for the Alumni and Admissions offices; and generally looking for ways to meet people (especially an appropriate mate who can probably never take the place of my darling Randy, but we’ll see?). I even have a lunch date with the minister of the multi-denominational “Church in the Forest” here in Pebble Beach. Nice service in a beautiful sanctuary, with Anglican overtones. Not sure just what multi-denominational means; presumably I will find out at lunch next week.

I attended a 5-day conference at Asilomar, the state conference center here in Pacific Grove, over the New Year’s weekend called the Integral Spiritual Experience, based on the integral philosophy work of Ken Wilbur and others. It was pretty amazing! Deepak Chopra was one of the keynote speakers; lots of spiritually accomplished folks; many outstanding breakout workshops led by people like Tami Simon, the founder of SoundsTrue; an evening with Coleman Barks reading Rumi, accompanied on the cello by David Darling; and lots more. Lynnea and Michael were out here for this conference, so it was fun to spend some time with them. Also Sharona Fein from Brookfield was here; she’s a new KCCer.

I am meditating an hour every morning at 6:30, thanks mainly to the inspiration of a wonderful book called “Meditation for the LOVE of it: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience” by Sally Kempton, who spent many years with Muktananda and Gurumayi. I heartily recommend this book; it has turned my meditation experience into something wondrous.

I will be spending a weekend later this month with Stan Grof doing Holotropic Breathing, which is supposed to induce transformation and enlightenment (is that possible???). Then in February, I will be down in Temecula, between LA and San Diego, for a three-day workshop with my Course in Miracles guru Ken Wapnick.

Later this year, I hope to get involved with the Institute of Noetic Sciences, based up in Marin. They have a huge spiritual conference in early June with Barbara Marx Hubbard et al., where I might be a volunteer (otherwise it’s pretty pricey); and their annual summer conference in July is being held in San Francisco this year. How great is that!!!

Quite a different life from Evergreen Woods; but that was the whole point of leaving and coming out here. I just love this part of the world. Everything is 10 minutes away, or less; no driving on Interstate highways unless I take a trip north or south. It’s all so MAGICAL!!!

Like all recent movers, I am busy opening and exploring boxes and boxes and boxes (why did I ever bring THAT???)


Ron Nelson