Paul’s poetic vision

Paul wrote a poem at this year’s winter conference that really expressed the vision of what KCC is about. Take a look.

KCC – A poem written at the Winter Conference, January 2011

At KCC, we are passionate people
Attuned to spirit
Supporting each other
Seeking enlightened change
In ourselves and in the world

At KCC, we connect, explore
Hold deep conversations
Conversations that matter
We learn from each other.

At KCC, we are all on a journey
Sometimes like a nomad
On the journey but not changed by the journey
Sometimes like a chameleon
Changing without journeying
Always ready to change back to what we were before
Sometimes like a pilgrim
Enjoying the journey and being transformed by the journey

At KCC, we build relationships
Sustainable, caring relationships
With each other
Our families
Our Communities
Our planet

At KCC, we are creative
Individually and together
We look though fresh eyes
Seeking new horizons
Playing together
Sounding together
Like a symphony

At KCC, we embody spirit
In the workplace and in our lives
Nurturing our relationships
Acting with courage
Sharing our stories
Uniting our spirits
Continuing on our spiritual journeys

Paul G. Ward

(Inspired by the KCC vision statement)