KCC Flame Keeper Newsletter – December 2011

Happy Holidays to the KCC family!

During 2011, we have enjoyed three excellent conferences, along with wonderful vision counsel meetings, and conversations-that-matter telephone conferences. It has been an active year with high levels of involvement and participation, along with connection, exploration, and deep conversations. Your design teams and vision counsel members look forward to providing more wonderful opportunities to be an active member of our community in 2012, all the while being conscious of spirit in our work and in our lives.

The first event in 2012 is the Winter Conference at the LifeBridge Retreat Center, January 27-29. Come and enjoy a “Garden in Winter – the Creative YOU!” and bring your friends. The transformed summer conference will be held at Camp Jewel, June 1-3. Children are welcome and have their own program. The adult program is like every other KCC conference: deep, inspiring conversations with friends old and new. The fall conference is scheduled for early October at the home of Martin and Kassandra Strasmore in Weston, CT. I hope to see you at one, two, or all of these conferences.

Conversations that Matter continue their successful run. The next conversation is scheduled for January 11. The focus of this conversation will be: “Organizational Democracy: How can we apply the principles that made the USA great (Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) in organizations?” If you have a topic you wish to introduce, please let us know.

The next Vision Counsel meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 24 at Pete Elder’s home in Carmel, NY. KCC members are always welcome. Please contact me for additional information.

New Keeper roles will be announced at the Winter Conference. I know you all join me in thanking members of the vision counsel and the design teams for their dedication and service to our community.

Don’t forget to visit the KCC website: http://www.spiritintheworkplace.com/

With love and gratitude, and best wishes for an amazing new year.

Paul G. Ward

KCC Flame Keeper

Email: drpaulward@yahoo.com