Light Up Your Life!

June 1-3, 2012
Hideaway Ranch, Camp Jewel, Colebrook, CT

Last day to register is Friday, May 25th. Download your registration form here.

We will spend two-and-a-half days lighting up our lives, and learning how to do that consistently, regardless of what is happening in our bodies, in our brains, in the world. We will learn how to “take in the good; drop into the loving kindness of our hearts, feel the joy, in short …

The Story is that: “Our brains evolved to see the bad side of things (and get the hell away from them.)” Recognizing
the good in life, in the world, in others, and in ourselves — takes mental effort. Some ways of thinking and being that encompasses both the brain and the heart, can support our single-minded intention to light up our lives, and the lives of others. It’s a constant, never-ending process, which we will
explore together.

Join us for a mind-boggling, heart-expanding, brain-evolving experience.

Your Design Team:
Chris Neiman
Dan Gottesman
Ron Nelson

Costs for the KCC Conference:

Full Weekend Conference (Adult): $184.00

Full Weekend Conference (under age 12): $87.00

Saturday only: $74.00

2012 Membership fee (If not already paid. Required for all adults): $10.00

Voluntary Scholarship Donation to support colleagues: (priceless)
By May 25th, 2012, please return your registration form and check made out to “KCC”

To: Nancy Plumer
PO Box 4092
Kingston, NY 12402