Moving Forward: What Changes are you inviting into your life?

SAVE THE DATE: October 6th, 2012. Fall KCC 1 day event at the Strasmore’s in Weston CT
As we work with organizations and individuals to help them change, we can learn how to be more effective by looking at our own situations, growth and change. No matter what season of our life we are in, we can explore surrender and attachment as two of the fundamental practices that support movement, by asking ourselves:

What do we need to let go off (detach from)?

What are we surrendering into? (the future is never predictable, can we surrender to whatever the universe offers?)

We will go deeply into these questions, from many facets and holistically; what we invite and push away consciously and subtly, verbally and non-verbally, with our language and our body.

Our conversation will be enriched by David Whyte’s new poems on Pilgrimage.

What we learn today will guide us personally and professionally into new possibilities and futures.