October KCC.

Hello KCC,

I would like to bring you up to date on the most recent October KCC.  It was a fun filled Friday nite at a fabulous local restaurant (The Crown Grill) where we enjoyed some yummy food and met a few local folks who may come to future KCC’s. Rono & Sierra were wonderful hosts, sharing the sights, sounds and wonders of Saratoga Springs.

Saturday, Chris Neiman, Rono & Sierra led us through a very full day of rich exploration into the world of our ancestors and our current meme’s, the stories we have adopted,  the ones which we have rejected and which ones we might be conflicted about. BTW… this is all my personal experience not to be confused with “the truth”.

We created and shared life lines of significant events, the experience of sharing those life lines  truly brought me in to a deeper understanding of myself and the others who were present. We  then dove into a rich territory of gender, power, and generational communication, and how we will not be able to fully empower ourselves or each other with the old “power over” models and need to invent or attend to the emergence of new ways of being together that honor and acknowledge our pasts while informing our present and giving future generations a better place from which to evolve and ascend.

As part of creating our new story we collaborated around the importance of language and how our words can either bring us together or pull us apart.

What was particularly fulfilling for me, was that our exploration on Saturday stood on the shoulders of the experience of mindfulness and emotional intelligence that we had this summer, and opened the door for the conversations and discoveries that await us in January. The thread is becoming cloth.

I hope to see all of you in January.  Dates for this profound KCC are January 23-25th, more details to follow shortly.

Flame Keeper for KCC


How did my grandparents contribute
to my happiness and sadness?

Saratoga SpringsThis October 11th, 2014 in Saratoga Springs the KCC will be offering another stellar workshop to help you gain clarity in your life and bring new tools to your business.

We are all familiar with the idea that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality; in this dayshop we are going to take it to another level, and look at how our family/clan beliefs impact our personal beliefs and experience. How have the seven generations past formed our current joys and pains, and how do we impact the next seven generations through our consciousness (or lack of consciousness!). Through fun, interactive and powerful exercises we will use mindfulness to come to a new level of choice in our lives.

This event is designed for training, coaching and OD professionals who work with individuals and organizations. KCC is a “community of practice” that fosters creativity, personal development, and collaboration through designed experiences that allow participants to gain new skills and insights for themselves and their clients. We welcome new faces and encourage your to come so our “family” can grow.