Vision Council Meeting AND January KCC coming up soon!

January KCC weekend happens on the 22nd-24th and tickets will be on sale after December 25th. I have personally attending for 3 years and it is quite and amazing experience each time… this year will be no different.

Design team:
Lisa Murrell, Newell Eaton & Marty Kurtz

SAVE THE DATE: January 22nd-24th

Tickets go on sale after the 25th of December.

The Vision Council decided to modernize the way we connect. Starting this December  we will be hosting our meetings virtually instead of in person.  Our normal 4 (ish) hour meeting 2 or so times a year will now be 2 hour meeting held every quarter via video conference. This new approach aims to make our connection points more often so that the collective flame of our desires can grow more consistently.

Next VC meeting will be held JANUARY, 21st  from 5-7pm virtually via zoom.  If you would like to attend email BEFORE January 15th to be sure our technology can handle the amount of guests.

Proposed Agenda
Note: Times are for guidance only; time allocated to each topic will depend on depth of discussion and desires of the vision counsel.

KCC Vision:
KCC is an open community of passionate people who are Attuned to Spirit. We uplift and support each other to act for enlightened change in ourselves and in the world.

Through connection, exploration and deep conversation, we learn from each other and gain insights that lead each of us to embody inspired action, resulting in sustainable and caring relationships with each other, our families, our organizations, our communities and our planet.

4:55     Early arrival:
Kindly prepare before you enter shared virtual space – you may wish to light your own candle
5:00     Meeting Begins – landing
•    Centering – volunteer?
•    Read Vision – volunteer?
•    Check-in’s (2-3 min each ) – All
Review / revise agenda and select roles (5 min)
•    Facilitator
•    Scribe
•    Timekeeper
•    Process Observer
•    Fun Fairy / Energizer
•    Spirit Keeper

How do we wish to work together (5 min.) ?
•    centered/ be fully present
•    Listen/breathe
•    Participate/share ideas
•    Stay focused, choose not to sidetrack
•    Relax and trust the process/ Be in ease/ light and notice patience/impatience
•    Be non-attached to outcome/seva
•    Be concise
•    ???

5:30  Status Updates and Keeper Reports (5 min ea)
Design Keeper: Izzy
Report on what happened with Fall KCC
Update on the Winter KCC, possible actions/responsibilities fir VC members attending
Update on Summer KCC
Site Keeper:  Nancy is de-facto site keeper for January
Communications Keeper – Rono
Abundance Keeper – Terri
VC possibilities – Matt and committee

5:50 Review of minutes and actions since previous VC Meeting –
Flame Keeper –What is wanting to emerge for KCC? New promises and commitments?

Dialogue on shared cares and capacity building for keeping traditions alive and listening into what might be emerging, inviting new initiatives. Or not.

6:30 Process Observer and Spirit Keeper appreciations

6:45 Coordinating Action
•    VC virtual meeting dates – monthly? quarterly? Doodle.
•    Review promises/commitments / next action steps
•    Brief individual check out

7:00 Close