Whoever Comes Are The Right People

 Excerpts and Musings from January KCC 2016


Archetypal Poem composed from keywords spoken at Winter KCC 2016

“In service to connections, love’s bold and fluid container now creates a family with such potential.

As we anchor, landed amidst the portals with golden threads we release our warmth and hearts, listening….

Feeling respected and filled with lovingkindness, trust and humor emerge among gales of laughter.

Our Witness presences a new appreciation of order and disorder, shaping an aliveness of spirit, an Onceler. ”

Here’s the link to the recording.

And … Even as the sun sets now on this full moon day w 5 planets aligned…resting in appreciation of the connections continuing and evolving, this potency of the future calls us forth…

As Alan and Ron both acknowledged  in different ways this weekend — death is nearby by and approaches with masks

…  might we all ‘be found’ by ‘ways’ that help release…. That suffering that remains from attaching to time and space…

How might we release from old forms and welcome the gentle dislodging, disengaging  from old forms, old shapes, old movements, old ghosts/thoughts/beliefs

perhaps an honoring toward this deepening of connection and an appreciation of what might actually invite a clearer focus and full embrace of what we all share and yearn for…

As Matt said in last Vision Counsel meeting

A ‘potency’ from all the time spent together before….

may we all fall back again into that grace…..

listening in, we remain….

connecting, co-evolving…

may peace prevail on earth


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