We uplift and support each other…

In the last several years Alan Eccleston and I have been getting very clear about the most important issue facing humans today –

Global warming due to carbon emissions threatens all life.  


Many of us feel helpless actually to make an impact on such a huge issue.

Of course, individually we can eat less meat, drive more fuel – efficient cars, etc, etc, yet we wanted a concrete expression of what we acknowledge our KCC community stands for: Spirit at Work.

We believe that we can make a difference acting as a group—as a committed, but loosely formed team of caring individuals.

KCC’s mission states: “We uplift and support each other to act for enlightened change in ourselves and in the world.”

Alan and I feel that we can manifest this mission in a practical way by participating in a voluntary carbon tax pledge. Last year 10 KCC’ers donated over $750.00 to the organization 350.org, a world leader in addressing climate change.
Amounts individuals donate are always confidential yet participation is made public.

We are hoping to model a collaborative systemic action that makes a difference.

As a group committed to spirit at work, we cannot think of a better way to manifest a mutual commitment than this practical and easy way to unite and take action in what we stand for.

How to participate:The form that is linked here: http://voluntarycarbontax.org/gascalc/gascalc.html gives you an easy way to determine how much carbon you use on an annual basis. You can use this as a guide for your pledge or you may choose a fixed amount (any amount) that is right for you.

If you would like to participate this year, please fill out the pledge form and send it back to me, Curtis. You can email me at: cwatkosmic@aol.com.

I will coordinate action with all the members who pledge, and together we will determine what organization to give to this year. The only ones who know the amount you pledge will be you and me. Any amount is a step toward change.

I will send out reminders and when you have made your donation, just send me the receipt, and I will make an accounting of it and compile all the donations for a report to the January KCC gathering to be held Jan 27-29 2017 at Lifebridge Sanctuary in Rosendale NY.

It is easy to donate online and send the receipt to me. Or, if you prefer, you can wait and mail me a check made out to the organization we select and I will forward all the checks I receive together. Either way it is a win for the planet, our KCC community, our children, and for all of us.

Thanks for your consideration.

Curtis and Alan