Ode To The Heart

Greetings from the spring time field of dreams, fellow KCC’ers!

After I found my self saying yes to the Flame Keeper role I realized again I really didn’t ‘know’ anything, so I’ve just been sensing into the many dimensions of this amazing community with all it’s intersecting aspects.

I am glad to be here to keep rekindling the flame as we move forward with small steps to clarify and specify the few things that keep us gathering in community virtually and in person.

With others on the Vision Counsel, I’ve been listening to other energies emerge. We are hoping to pick up and rekindle our shared commitments to keep our shared cares alive / see my poem about this below…

So the question this moment might simply be, again,
“a) what do I truly care about and…
b) what are the ways in which I can express that deep care through the various ways we interact as a community?”

It’s that old leadership inquiry – what still needs to die to make space for the new to be born…. And how to rest in the not knowing and merge with the new forms arising all around us.

I love the concept of ‘aesthetic arrest’, I believe from James Joyce….:

What beauty now arising has caught your inspiration in these momentous times?

I write this after a weekend of chanting at Omega and now sit overlooking the Stockbridge Bowl at Kripalu, sensing into the source of our KCC roots and invite us all to take a deep breath into our shared wishes so we can continue to move and shape our future together in harmony and bliss, as we work together to anchor our organizational structures.

Let us help the planet by dreaming our future into being, each beam of shared intention weaving into the next.

Blossoming eternal,
Allie, Your Flame Keeper

Historically we have gathered 3 times a year in community and learning. Winter KCC has remained strong, Fall KCC has come in and out of existence over the years, and Summer KCC has been desiring a reboot. This year should we desire a new version of Summer KCC is available to be “re-booted.

As our children have grown, lore and legend tell us we now get to play again as children. Why not reinvent the summer gathering as a time to reconnect with each other, with nature. These portent times and our beloved Mother Earth call us in her great unfolding!

We could have a Summer KCC friends…. If we surrendered to Earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees. ―Rainer Maria Rilke what inspires you to move now…. blessings on the journey as ever Allie Middleton JD LCSW E-RYT *Integrative Leadership Practices* 518.669.9923 Skype: alliemiddleton “love what you practice”