Summer Full Moon Solstice

Greetings all РSo after this amazing full moon summer solstice I am sensing into  this amazing fire of consciousness rising amidst all the chaos on the planet.

I feel it all gives us a chance to surrender into complete awareness…. How are we each inviting space for that to happen?

Together, as we burn through past ignorance into our courageous and compassionate pursuits of our collective truth, how might we each articulate our particular offers?

How might we learn to live beyond any perceived sense of lack or isolation and let go of the overwhelm of this current intensity?

Let’s learn to live and gently find a new path that respectfully disregards any of the habits that do not serve the emerging future.

Change is running rampant through our worlds today. Let us remember that as we continuously share and achieve these qualities of mindful cultivation with more purposeful integration of what we love that we can begin to learn to reap these more gentle harvests of these spacious elements so that we might in fact begin to supplement these great changes happening on the planet with our kind and constant awareness of our connection to each other and to the planet.

As flame keeper now my whole awareness has extended into the ecosystem and I’m just thrilled to begin again and again to understand from the inside out what our next steps might be.

Please come and join us on 17 July between noon and 5 for our scheduled VC meeting. We plan to meet in person and have a lunch potluck. We will be meeting be over in a very special place on the Massachusetts border area due east of Albany.

Responsibilities of the keepers roles will be discussed so this is a warm invitation to any of you have been keepers to come and help us sort through and clarify and make easy these ways in which we keep our community alive and hopefully growing.

Sending love to you all as ever,