Together Through the Portals

A celebration of Light and the returning of more Sun,

Friday, January 24 through Sunday, January 26, 2020.  Registration for this event is closed.

Join us as we dance with different connections and find new ways to use them for the integration of our whole self.  We will explore when and how the heart is ignited while with others, and invite you to bring your full, beautiful, loving, fearful, complete and incomplete self to be held and celebrated.

All of the KCC elements that connect and heal us have been included: Family Groups, Open Space, Group meditation, sounding and movement, time to be with one another.  And of course, amazing meals shared in the community.

And magic… The magic that only happens when You are there.

Registration for this event ends soon.  Click on this link to reserve your space now before it’s too late!  Click here

Enjoy the season.


Jan 2020 KCC Design Team

Robin Andrews and Chris Neiman