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Living with Uncertainty: Sensing, Creating and Allowing our Emerging Future

Living with Uncertainty: Sensing, Creating and Allowing our Emerging Future

We are on the verge of completing and coming out of 2020, a year like no other.

We have witnessed the challenges of the global pandemic, economic volatility, racial justice movement, and a polarized country.

We have before us the opportunity to reflect, connect, dialogue, dance, and sing as individuals, family groups, and community…. and allow what needs to emerge through our individual and collective sensing and creativity.

And we have the technology to enable us to be together while remaining safe at home.

Whether you were at the last KCC in January 2020, haven’t been to KCC in ten years, or have never been to KCC, we welcome you for an experience that is meaningful, creative, and fun!

Date: Friday, January 22, 2021, to Saturday, January 23, 2021

Friday evening 7 pm – 9 pm ET

Saturday 9 am 9 pm ET in four 1.5–2 hour segments with spacious breaks ranging from 1-2 hours.

SIGNUP by January 7th to receive a FREE surprise package…

Partial Scholarships are available.  Please call Duncan Hollomon (206) 419-7015 for more information.

Warm regards, from the Design Team, Lisa Kollisch and Nancy Plumer

KCC is an open community of leaders and consultants, coaches, therapists, and other providers who believe that Spirit informs our work, our lives, and our very Being. After 27 years of in-person weekend conferences, we are now holding biweekly Zoom meetings, a 2-day Zoom conference on the 4th weekend in January 2021, and other enriching events that emerge throughout the year. We create inspiring programs to help each other enhance our professional and personal practices, and bring more Spirit into our lives, the workplace, and the world. We have lots of fun and make deep, loving connections while learning and growing together. We welcome your participation!

Together Through the Portals

A celebration of Light and the returning of more Sun,

Friday, January 24 through Sunday, January 26, 2020.  Registration for this event is closed.

Join us as we dance with different connections and find new ways to use them for the integration of our whole self.  We will explore when and how the heart is ignited while with others, and invite you to bring your full, beautiful, loving, fearful, complete and incomplete self to be held and celebrated.

All of the KCC elements that connect and heal us have been included: Family Groups, Open Space, Group meditation, sounding and movement, time to be with one another.  And of course, amazing meals shared in the community.

And magic… The magic that only happens when You are there.

Registration for this event ends soon.  Click on this link to reserve your space now before it’s too late!  Click here

Enjoy the season.


Jan 2020 KCC Design Team

Robin Andrews and Chris Neiman

Embracing Your Power

At this key moment in the human journey… We will explore the question of POWER – what it is, how we hold it, and how it shows up through us in our ways of being in the world. We will explore POWER – from the personal, organizational and planetary level.

Explore your hidden assumptions and journey inward in a dive that takes us to our own edges, and our participation in the larger social and natural worlds as individuals, in relationships, and as members of the KCC community.

The weekend will include:

  • Small intimate family group time for exploring what power means to each of us
  • Experiential exercises to embody and express our power in different forms
  • Plenty of time to connect with the KCC family

Before you journey to Lifebridge Sanctuary think of the best tools you use to support the empowerment of others or to regain your sense of power. We will give you an opportunity to share, and hear, those tools with our KCC community as a way to deepen our connection and our ability to be a positive force of love, joy and peace.

Lifebridge Sanctuary is in Rosendale, NY ( and features beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces for our gatherings, along with shared and private room overnight options for individuals and couples. More information can be found at We will share home cooked, healthy, delicious food with vegetarian and allergen-free options in the dining room. Our gathering begins with Friday night dinner and ends with Sunday lunch. Rooming is shared.

Your Design Team,
Robin Andrews, Michael Pergola and Laura Bundesen


What can I bring into the event?

  • Journal
  • Slippers (no shoes allowed in space)
  • Closeable water bottle
  • Your big beautiful and open heart!

Enchanted Halloween Caper Weekend

Come join a group of kindred change-makers for an enchanted Halloween Caper Weekend.

PROGRAM: We will explore the biggest questions of our times through serious play. This magical caper will unfold in the context of a mystery theatre script.

This is the 22nd year the KCC community of kindred seekers attuned to spirit and conscious change will be offering another series of intimately-scaled, small group learning experience. These experiences are more self-directed than a typical workshop.

We will collectively create our own rituals grounded in ancient wisdom traditions. Through deep inquiry, group movement, mask making, music, poetry and other creative actions we will investigate and celebrate this unique and soul-filled time of year.

At the Saturday night bonfire, participant teams will share what they have discovered and created, each focusing on one of the four sacred directions. You will leave the weekend refreshed, having had a uniquely playful and spirit-rich connection with kindred seekers. Expect new insights and renewed awareness about your self, deepen your presence and clarify your future.

LOCATION: The Berkshires and their history of enchantment serve as the perfect setting for this Halloween mystery weekend. Our experience will be held at the Inn at Shaker Mill Farm, originally built in 1824 as a stone gristmill, by members of the Shaker community who settled this area about two hundred years ago. The mill was rebuilt as an Inn fifty years ago and the buildings and land are now being renovated and re-envisioned by long time KCC Attuned to Spirit community member, Michael Pergola. The stone mill and the land in the autumn landscape will be truly a beautifully scenic environment to engage in this deep dive experience. The Inn is just fifteen minutes west of Lenox, Massachusetts and forty minutes east of downtown Albany. Meals are created by our own farm-to-table caterers who excel at addressing your special dietary needs.

We look forward to you joining us for this unique experience – come and connect with kindred spirits!

Newell Eaton, Joëlle Lydon, David Pettie, Kim Ploussard
(Your Fall KCC Design Team)


Love in the Dark Matter

Singing into the silence, are we mending and tending the tears in the tapestry of our existence?

Then having shared this crying fabric, all colors and energies now unite the solid ones.
Oh joy!

Within our bodies, all the confluences of all the waterways,
still flowing with ever burning embers of our transformation.

We thus greet each other in these new and spacious elements, all as one.
Air bound and earth bound at once.

Simultaneously singing
Hallelujah as the new forms emerge,
In peace.

Allie Middleton
June 2016

Summer Full Moon Solstice

Greetings all – So after this amazing full moon summer solstice I am sensing into  this amazing fire of consciousness rising amidst all the chaos on the planet.

I feel it all gives us a chance to surrender into complete awareness…. How are we each inviting space for that to happen?

Together, as we burn through past ignorance into our courageous and compassionate pursuits of our collective truth, how might we each articulate our particular offers?

How might we learn to live beyond any perceived sense of lack or isolation and let go of the overwhelm of this current intensity?

Let’s learn to live and gently find a new path that respectfully disregards any of the habits that do not serve the emerging future.

Change is running rampant through our worlds today. Let us remember that as we continuously share and achieve these qualities of mindful cultivation with more purposeful integration of what we love that we can begin to learn to reap these more gentle harvests of these spacious elements so that we might in fact begin to supplement these great changes happening on the planet with our kind and constant awareness of our connection to each other and to the planet.

As flame keeper now my whole awareness has extended into the ecosystem and I’m just thrilled to begin again and again to understand from the inside out what our next steps might be.

Please come and join us on 17 July between noon and 5 for our scheduled VC meeting. We plan to meet in person and have a lunch potluck. We will be meeting be over in a very special place on the Massachusetts border area due east of Albany.

Responsibilities of the keepers roles will be discussed so this is a warm invitation to any of you have been keepers to come and help us sort through and clarify and make easy these ways in which we keep our community alive and hopefully growing.

Sending love to you all as ever,

Ode To The Heart

Greetings from the spring time field of dreams, fellow KCC’ers!

After I found my self saying yes to the Flame Keeper role I realized again I really didn’t ‘know’ anything, so I’ve just been sensing into the many dimensions of this amazing community with all it’s intersecting aspects.

I am glad to be here to keep rekindling the flame as we move forward with small steps to clarify and specify the few things that keep us gathering in community virtually and in person.

With others on the Vision Counsel, I’ve been listening to other energies emerge. We are hoping to pick up and rekindle our shared commitments to keep our shared cares alive / see my poem about this below…

So the question this moment might simply be, again,
“a) what do I truly care about and…
b) what are the ways in which I can express that deep care through the various ways we interact as a community?”

It’s that old leadership inquiry – what still needs to die to make space for the new to be born…. And how to rest in the not knowing and merge with the new forms arising all around us.

I love the concept of ‘aesthetic arrest’, I believe from James Joyce….:

What beauty now arising has caught your inspiration in these momentous times?

I write this after a weekend of chanting at Omega and now sit overlooking the Stockbridge Bowl at Kripalu, sensing into the source of our KCC roots and invite us all to take a deep breath into our shared wishes so we can continue to move and shape our future together in harmony and bliss, as we work together to anchor our organizational structures.

Let us help the planet by dreaming our future into being, each beam of shared intention weaving into the next.

Blossoming eternal,
Allie, Your Flame Keeper

Historically we have gathered 3 times a year in community and learning. Winter KCC has remained strong, Fall KCC has come in and out of existence over the years, and Summer KCC has been desiring a reboot. This year should we desire a new version of Summer KCC is available to be “re-booted.

As our children have grown, lore and legend tell us we now get to play again as children. Why not reinvent the summer gathering as a time to reconnect with each other, with nature. These portent times and our beloved Mother Earth call us in her great unfolding!

We could have a Summer KCC friends…. If we surrendered to Earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees. ―Rainer Maria Rilke what inspires you to move now…. blessings on the journey as ever Allie Middleton JD LCSW E-RYT *Integrative Leadership Practices* 518.669.9923 Skype: alliemiddleton “love what you practice”

We uplift and support each other…

In the last several years Alan Eccleston and I have been getting very clear about the most important issue facing humans today –

Global warming due to carbon emissions threatens all life.  


Many of us feel helpless actually to make an impact on such a huge issue.

Of course, individually we can eat less meat, drive more fuel – efficient cars, etc, etc, yet we wanted a concrete expression of what we acknowledge our KCC community stands for: Spirit at Work.

We believe that we can make a difference acting as a group—as a committed, but loosely formed team of caring individuals.

KCC’s mission states: “We uplift and support each other to act for enlightened change in ourselves and in the world.”

Alan and I feel that we can manifest this mission in a practical way by participating in a voluntary carbon tax pledge. Last year 10 KCC’ers donated over $750.00 to the organization, a world leader in addressing climate change.
Amounts individuals donate are always confidential yet participation is made public.

We are hoping to model a collaborative systemic action that makes a difference.

As a group committed to spirit at work, we cannot think of a better way to manifest a mutual commitment than this practical and easy way to unite and take action in what we stand for.

How to participate:The form that is linked here: gives you an easy way to determine how much carbon you use on an annual basis. You can use this as a guide for your pledge or you may choose a fixed amount (any amount) that is right for you.

If you would like to participate this year, please fill out the pledge form and send it back to me, Curtis. You can email me at:

I will coordinate action with all the members who pledge, and together we will determine what organization to give to this year. The only ones who know the amount you pledge will be you and me. Any amount is a step toward change.

I will send out reminders and when you have made your donation, just send me the receipt, and I will make an accounting of it and compile all the donations for a report to the January KCC gathering to be held Jan 27-29 2017 at Lifebridge Sanctuary in Rosendale NY.

It is easy to donate online and send the receipt to me. Or, if you prefer, you can wait and mail me a check made out to the organization we select and I will forward all the checks I receive together. Either way it is a win for the planet, our KCC community, our children, and for all of us.

Thanks for your consideration.

Curtis and Alan

KCC Vision Counsel Meeting March 30, 2016

March 30, 2016 —  4-6pm EDT — Virtual Meeting

Telephone: (646) 558 8656
Meeting ID: 181 187 654

======== MORE DETAILS BELOW ========

KCC World Cloud

Note: Times are for guidance only; time allocated to each topic will depend on depth of discussion and desires of the vision counsel.

KCC Vision: KCC is an open community of passionate people who are Attuned to Spirit. We uplift and support each other to act for enlightened change in ourselves and in the world.

Through connection, exploration and deep conversation, we learn from each other and gain insights that lead each of us to embody inspired action, resulting in sustainable and caring relationships with each other, our families, our organizations, our communities and our planet.

3:55     Early arrival: kindly prepare before you enter shared virtual space – you may wish to light your own candle

4:00       Meeting Begins – landing

  • Centering – volunteer?
  • Read Vision – volunteer?
  • Check-in’s (2-3 min each ) – All

Review / revise agenda and select roles (5 min)

  • Facilitator
  • Scribe
  • Timekeeper
  • Process Observer
  • Fun Fairy / Energizer
  • Spirit Keeper

How do we wish to work together (5 min.) ?

  • centered/ be fully present
  • Listen/breathe
  • Participate/share ideas
  • Stay focused, choose not to sidetrack
  • Relax and trust the process/ Be in ease/ light and notice patience/impatience
  • Be non-attached to outcome/seva
  • Be concise
  • ???

4:30 Status Updates and Keeper Reports (5 min ea)

Design Keeper: Izzy
Report on what happened with winter KCC
Update on upcoming summer, fall and winter 2017 KCC
Site Keeper: Nancy is de-facto site keeper for January
Communications Keeper – Rono report on meeting w Ingrid
Abundance Keeper – Cheryl
VC possibilities
– Matt …?
Web keeper role –

4:50 Review of minutes and actions since previous VC Meeting –
Flame Keeper –What is wanting to emerge for KCC? New promises and commitments?

Dialogue on shared cares and capacity building for keeping traditions alive and listening into what might be emerging, inviting new initiatives. Or not.

5:30 Process Observer and Spirit Keeper appreciations
5:45 Coordinating Action

  • VC virtual meeting dates – monthly? quarterly? Doodle.
  • Review promises/commitments / next action steps
  • Brief individual check out

6:00 Close

Whoever Comes Are The Right People

 Excerpts and Musings from January KCC 2016


Archetypal Poem composed from keywords spoken at Winter KCC 2016

“In service to connections, love’s bold and fluid container now creates a family with such potential.

As we anchor, landed amidst the portals with golden threads we release our warmth and hearts, listening….

Feeling respected and filled with lovingkindness, trust and humor emerge among gales of laughter.

Our Witness presences a new appreciation of order and disorder, shaping an aliveness of spirit, an Onceler. ”

Here’s the link to the recording.

And … Even as the sun sets now on this full moon day w 5 planets aligned…resting in appreciation of the connections continuing and evolving, this potency of the future calls us forth…

As Alan and Ron both acknowledged  in different ways this weekend — death is nearby by and approaches with masks

…  might we all ‘be found’ by ‘ways’ that help release…. That suffering that remains from attaching to time and space…

How might we release from old forms and welcome the gentle dislodging, disengaging  from old forms, old shapes, old movements, old ghosts/thoughts/beliefs

perhaps an honoring toward this deepening of connection and an appreciation of what might actually invite a clearer focus and full embrace of what we all share and yearn for…

As Matt said in last Vision Counsel meeting

A ‘potency’ from all the time spent together before….

may we all fall back again into that grace…..

listening in, we remain….

connecting, co-evolving…

may peace prevail on earth


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