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Beyond the End of Time

Exploring the emerging future after the polar shift; cultivating practices for embodiment and emergence.

Greetings Friends of KCC!

You are invited to join us to:

  • Engage in deep conversations with like-minded practitioners and seekers who are inviting spirit into living and working and into this great time of change
  • Explore embodied presence and leadership practices based on the movements of the U process
  • Experience the mystery and magic of emergence – be surprised
  • Renew connections with old friends and create new relationships

We will explore together in small (family) and large groups, learning through experience while engaging in specific movement practices and dialogue. There will be ample free time to rest, commune with nature, connect with friends and colleagues, and enjoy fine food and conversation.

Saturday afternoon we will “Open Space” – an opportunity for participants to lead a small group session on any topic. If you would like to share a particular model, creative approach, emerging insights, theme, book, or anything that has been inspiring you in your work or your life, or even just lead a group in singing songs or making snow angels, please bring any necessary materials and come prepared to share your offer.

Saturday evening’s entertainment will include a ‘Show and Tell.’ So, bring along your own gifts and talents (and your own props). Creative collaborations are definitely encouraged!

Feel free to forward this invitation to anyone you think might enjoy the KCC community and this offering. Also, visit the KCC webpage at:

The conference begins with dinner at 6pm on Friday and concludes with lunch on Sunday.

Fees: Onsite weekend – $255 (including meals and accommodation), Commuter – $165 (meals only). This includes a reduced administration fee. The KCC vision counsel has agreed to suspend membership fees and reduce administration fees for 2013. Space is limited so sign up early. If you have any questions, please send an email to

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KCC Jan. 2013 Registration Form

KCC History Project, a Conversation That Matters

On Wednesday, October 3, between 7:30 and 9:00 PM, EDT, you are invited to spend an evening with Ron Nelson sharing your fondest memories about your experiences with KCC. This conference call session will be recorded, and we will use your recollections to write a comprehensive history of KCC for the web page. In addition to the moments that stand out in your memory, we want to capture your thoughts about how the KCC community has helped you to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. So mark you calendars and plan to join the conversation to take a walk down the KCC memory lane. It should be informative, heart-warming, and just plain fun! I can hardly wait to hear about all of the wonderful KCC moments and memories you have held onto and are going to share. I think we’ll all learning something, and have a grand time doing it.

To sign up, please respond to Ron Nelson ( When I hear from you, I will forward instructions on how to dial in and access the conference call.

Ron Nelson

Moving Forward: What Changes are you inviting into your life?

SAVE THE DATE: October 6th, 2012. Fall KCC 1 day event at the Strasmore’s in Weston CT
As we work with organizations and individuals to help them change, we can learn how to be more effective by looking at our own situations, growth and change. No matter what season of our life we are in, we can explore surrender and attachment as two of the fundamental practices that support movement, by asking ourselves: Continue reading Moving Forward: What Changes are you inviting into your life?

Light Up Your Life!

June 1-3, 2012
Hideaway Ranch, Camp Jewel, Colebrook, CT

Last day to register is Friday, May 25th. Download your registration form here.

We will spend two-and-a-half days lighting up our lives, and learning how to do that consistently, regardless of what is happening in our bodies, in our brains, in the world. We will learn how to “take in the good; drop into the loving kindness of our hearts, feel the joy, in short … Continue reading Light Up Your Life!

A Garden in Winter – the Creative YOU!

This is the focus of the next KCC Conference to be held at the LifeBridge Retreat Center January 27-29, 2012, a superb facility in the hills and woods of upstate New York. Join us for a weekend of reunion, reflection, learning, fun, and laughter. For a preview of LifeBridge, go to:

Come and explore your creativity through the metaphor of a personal garden. Deepen your awareness of your unique creative identity and individual expression with a weekend of experiential participation, play and discovery. Learn about the creative differences within the KCC community and support the creative spirit of the whole. Continue reading A Garden in Winter – the Creative YOU!