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KCC Flame Keeper Newsletter – June 2011

The recent KCC Summer Conference at Camp Jewel was wonderful. The next event, the Fall Conference is already in preparation. The design teams for the Winter and Summer Conferences in 2012 are already designing. Learn more about our events and activities in this newsletter.

Our next event is the one-day Fall Conference on October 1st at the home of Martin and Kassandra Strasmore in Weston, CT. Changes That Matter – Exploring Who We Really Are is the theme for the fall conference. Laura Bundesen and Paul Ward are your design team. The invitation and registration form will be sent out soon.

Hold the date for the Winter Conference – January 27-29, 2012 at the LifeBridge Sanctuary in Rosendale, NY. Your design team for this conference is Andy Satter, Jon Vogen, and Cynthia Oxboel.

The Summer Conference was very different this year. Children were there and it was wonderful to interact with them but they had their own programs and older generations were able to experience thoughtful KCC conversations. Jannie Dziadzio said it best: “I returned to the family KCC after a couple of year’s absence, and was simply delighted with the changes made to the overall design of the weekend. As adults coming without children, my husband and I were able to engage in the kind of substantive learning and deep, meaningful connections that have been the mainstay of KCC for so many years, while also enjoying windows of interacting with the children in program segments designed for success. Kudos to the design team, Lisa Oxboel, Lisa Kollisch, Giselle Garcia, and Pete Elder, for working out the kinks and providing a memorable experience for all!” Next year’s design team is Ron Nelson, Dan Gottesman, and Chris Neiman with space for one more. Why not join the design team! Let me know if you can.

Flame Keeper, Paul Ward, has joined Judi Neal, known to many of us at KCC, on the planning team for International Faith and Spirit at Work Awards conference to be held at the University of Arkansas, November 7-9, 2011. For more information:

Thank you to Ron Nelson for continuing the series of Conversations that Matter telephone conference calls. Please let Ron know if you have ideas for future conversations.

The next Vision Counsel meeting is scheduled for Saturday, August 20, 2011. KCC members are always welcome. Please contact me for additional information.

Don’t forget to visit the KCC website:

With love and gratitude,

Paul G. Ward

KCC Flame Keeper


June KCC Undergoes Extreme Makeover

The June weekend has been totally redesigned to maximize meeting the diverse needs of everyone who attends – adults and kids alike.

Join us for a weekend of exploring mindfulness, full awareness and connection to ourselves and each other. Our primary objective for this weekend is for you leave with an understanding of how to maximize personal congruence between intention and action and how to take ownership for how you react and interact. Ultimately, this will lead to increasingly conscious choice.

We will practice mindful communication, connection, sitting, eating, sleeping, walking, playing, and being. Given the surroundings of Camp Jewel, we will take time to connect with and celebrate nature and the outdoors. The weekend will be an opportunity to explore tools, practices and connections that will enable you to be even more awake and aligned between your choices and actions.

We invite you to check out any assumptions / stories you may have about the June KCC and change any that might prevent you from coming! This is an opportunity to attend a redesigned and refocused June KCC. The redesign of the weekend is based on feedback from the community and developed with a new awareness and new perspectives about the weekend.

Family KCC was a chaotic mess. Kids were in the sessions and often uncontrollable. Adults to adult connection was minimal and the “depth” of the weekend as spiritually powerful and moving was limited. Unless you wanted to frolic extensively with young children, this weekend was not for you.

The June KCC is a multi-generational weekend where you can get your needs met, e.g. time and space for provocative learning and discussion, deep connection with adults and going deep within a community of like-minded peers, and, connection family to family, and play at particular times with kids. Kids will NOT be in the adult programming times (Friday night, Saturday morning, Sunday morning) and we are working on separate eating areas to accommodate all needs of connection. ☺

Please join us at this deeply profound and connecting weekend. If you have any questions or concerns that might prevent you from attending please reach out to someone on your design team or send an email to to discuss and be heard. Your input is helpful and may very well be accommodated. It will certainly be consciously and carefully considered. We look forward to seeing you there!

YOUR DESIGN TEAM (Pete Elder, Lisa Kollisch Gottesman, Lisa Oxboel, Gisele

_____Full Weekend Conference (Adult) $184.00
_____ Full Weekend Conference (under 10 years of age) $87.00
_____Saturday only $74.00

A conversation on the June KCC

Dear KCCers,

In 2003 the KCC Vision Counsel decided to try a Family KCC Weekend.   Over the past 7 years the June KCC weekend has been devoted to KCC members and their families.   The June Family/Intergenerational oriented KCC has had a consistent yet small number of families.  There is interest in revamping the June KCC focus.  Are we, do we want to and how are we integrating family needs into KCC?  A sub-committee of the VC has been working on this issue for the past 3 months. We want to open up the discussion with the community.  Continue reading A conversation on the June KCC