KCC is a “not-for-profit” organization registered in the state of Vermont.

Vision Counsel

We are governed by a Vision Counsel made up of nine KCC members who meet several times each year between weekend conferences to oversee the policies and operations of the organization. These meetings are open to any KCC member, but only the nine Vision Counsel members may vote.

Vision Counsel members serve for a term of three (3) years, and may continue for more than one term. New Vision Counsel members are identified by a Nominating Committee of the Counsel and voted on by the entire Counsel. Attendance at three (3) weekend conferences and participation on one (1) Design Team are qualifications for Vision Counsel membership.

Decisions are made by consensus, which means that all Vision Counsel members present at a meeting are either in favor of or willing to abide by the decision. Direct opposition to a proposed policy or action requires further discussion, and sometimes even postponement, until consensus is reached.

Vision Counsel meetings are run in accordance with these rules for spiritually centered work:

  • a centering to connect with spirit and ask for guidance occurs at the beginning of each meeting, when meetings are reconvened after a break, in times of conflict, before key decisions, and at the conclusion of each meeting. Anyone can ask for a centering of the group at any time.
  • come to agreement on the goals and objectives of each meeting, set intentions, prioritize the agenda, stay focused and flexible on tasks, honor time agreements, and trust the process.
  • One person speaks at a time and in the first person singular; listens, breathes and speaks from the heart.
  • assume the good intentions of each individual; respect individual points of view and experiences.
  • invite and embrace humor, play, and creativity. Celebrate!

Vision Counsel Officers

The Flame Keeper has responsibility for maintaining the life and spirit of KCC, insuring that our mission is accomplished, and looking to the future by promoting continuity, commitment, community, and participation. He or she holds the Vision of KCC for all the members; presides at meetings of the Vision Counsel; arranges a facilitator for meetings; and convenes and chairs the Nominating Committee for new Vision Counsel members.

The Communications Keeper has responsibility for maintaining data bases and mailing lists, creating and distributing weekend conference announcements, and generally facilitating communications for the organization.

The Abundance Keeper has responsibility for the financial health and responsibility of the organization.

The Design Keeper has responsibility for the quality and integrity of the weekend conferences. He or she oversees the work of each Design Team in planning and carrying out a conference.

The Site Keeper has responsibility for identifying new conference sites, He or she maintains communications with existing sites, in cooperation with the Design Team.

Design Team

Serving on a KCC Conference Design Team has been described by many participants as the ultimate meeting design workshop combined with an intensive teambuilding experience. Design Team members routinely report they experienced important personal insight, even epiphanies!

Design teams of three to (3) or six (6) participants are formed on a volunteer basis at the end of each KCC conference. The team’s mission is to design and implement the next program.

The design team initially develops a theme for the weekend, broad areas of focus and general flow for the weekend, then digs down and creates the weekend activities along with the specific details for each activity or process. This requires consideration of time, facilitation, materials, group structure, direction, space restrictions, and knowledge of what has worked and not worked in the past. The design team usually meets at least once. Between meetings, members work individually or with a partner on particular weekend segments. Team members arrive early on the Friday of the weekend to become grounded and manage last minute details.

Design teams are self managed and high performing. There are high points, and there generally some challenging times. For the team to be successful, individuals must openly share experiences and perspectives, listen to and explore others’ points of view and ideas, take risks, accept feedback and offer it out, deal openly with conflict, and make decisions by consensus. The design team actually has two tasks – coming together as an effective team, and designing a weekend conference. If a great design is created, yet the teamwork is missing, the weekend suffers.

The design team rolls out the weekend starting with registration followed by the opening ceremony on Friday night. Individual team members lead planned activities seamlessly through Saturday, Saturday evening, and Sunday morning. By late morning, the Design Team has completed its work, and receives the thanks and appreciation of conference particiants. After which, new volunteers step forward to serve on the next Design Team.

Design Team volunteers must have attended at least two KCC conferences and are expected to be able to work effectively in an open, team-based, consensus-driven format.