Reaping Our Natures’ Harvest: An Autumn Day of Conscious Community

Theme: Reaping Our Natures’ Harvest:  An Autumn Day of Conscious Community
Saturday, September 26th from 10:00am to 5:30pm

KCC Harvest 2015How do you want to experience the autumn of our own existence?

Autumn is the harvest season. Here in the Northeast we experience dramatic changes in nature at this time. The trees and all plant life transform themselves and the ground beneath into magical color show with leaves crunching under our feet.

The intention of this gathering of kindred spirits is to celebrate and explore the inner meaning of this for ourselves individually and together. The question for you might be:

Is this about this time of year?

Or for some of us, is this about entering the autumn of our life?

As Omar Safi, a columnist for On Being so eloquently says:

“Leaves are usually green because of chlorophyll. It is chlorophyll that gives leaves their distinctive green color, and it is (along with sunshine) the key ingredient in the magical, life-producing process of photosynthesis.

The hidden secret of fall: the leaves don’t actually “turn” colors. With the winter season coming, and the process of photosynthesis being without the key ingredients of warmth and sunshine, trees begin to break down chlorophyll. With the “green” gone, the other colors that have been there all along — the magical reds, golds, and oranges — begin to express themselves.”



A day to be in community together. Walks in nature, enjoy rich conversations, share music and good food. Let’s explore the hidden treasures we each carry and share the jewels of our evolving KCC community.

Saturday, September 26, 10am to 5:30pm

Optional dinner out at local acclaimed farm to table restaurant, following the close of the workshop.

Philmont, NY (upper Hudson Valley) – Robin Andrews and Chris Lastovika’s home (specific directions will be sent upon registration)

Flow of Day:
Venue9:30    coffee, fruit and bread(s)
10:00 welcome circle
centering – Wheel of Awareness by Dan Siegal
check-in –
pairs –visual explorer and deep listening to each other’s harvest season story
group sharing – what did you hear from your partner?

12:30 catered lunch – organic local and capacity to address any special needs
1:30 two main choices:

  1. stay at Lodge and make music, dance, write or draw
  2. easy walk to High Falls (with swimming option) -1 mile round trip

Followed by short drive – more walking at Won Buddhist Center – many open trails
4:30 Regroup back at Robin and Chris’
4:45 Closing circle with snacks


6:30ish Optional dinner on our own -two excellent choices, Main Street Public House (pub) and Local 111 (innovative cuisine). Both are farm to table. Reservations for Local 111 advised. Allie and Newell had a great dinner there 8/28.

*Lunch and snacks will be provided, optional dinner is on your own.

Registration Deadline: Monday Sept 21

Names of Design Team Members:
Catharine and Paul Clarke + Allie Middleton and Newell Eaton

For more information contact:
Allie at

Fee: $49

What to Bring:
Wear comfortable clothes for hiking and relaxation, journal, favorite writing/drawing tools, musical instruments, good vibes, good questions, open mind, open heart. Invite kindreds!


Who is KCC?

KCC is an open community of passionate people who are attuned to Spirit. We uplift and support each other to act for enlightened change in ourselves and in the world.

Through connection, exploration, and deep conversation, we learn from each other and gain insights that lead each of us to embody inspired action, resulting in sustainable and caring relationships with each other, our families, organizations, communities, and our planet. We are an organization of people who choose to be conscious of spirit in our work and in our lives. We gather periodically to celebrate and nurture our personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

KCC Beginnings

KCC grew out of a conviction that the spiritual principles and practices taught by the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA, should be spread far and wide in our culture, particularly in the business community. As a result of a conference on Spirit in the Workplace hosted by Kripalu in 1993, a small group of attendees decided to begin meeting several weekends a year to explore these ideas and put them into practice in their consulting businesses. They called themselves the Kripalu Consultants’ Collaborative, later shortened to KCC. We began meeting in January, 1994.


What is happening at the 2016 January KCC?

Open Space Conference – the specific theme will be determined by community members inspired by their passion to bring spirit into the world.

January 22-24, 2016

Design Team: Newell Eaton, Marty Kurtz and Martin Strasmore