KCC membership offers the opportunity to support this community of like-minded professionals, to appreciate and value the opportunities KCC provides to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, grow spiritually, and socialize and play together. It identifies you as one who wishes to insure the continuity and growth of the KCC community. And it connects you to other KCCers who wish to have meaningful sharings of their life experience, their professional skills, and their personal, professional, and spiritual goals.

To enhance this connection and make it truly powerful, KCC members are entitled to post their own, individual business profile on this website, so that other KCCers can become familiar with your professional talents and create productive business collaborations with you. Given the scope of our membership, this is an invaluable benefit of belonging to KCC

One way to become a member of KCC is to attend a weekend conference . When you do this, you will automatically become a member, joining our mailing and email lists to receive all future communications, because your KCC conference fee will include an extra $10, which is the annual membership fee. As a newcomer, you will also be assigned an Angel to introduce you to the group and help you to make sure that your weekend is a positive experience.

You can also become a KCC member before attending your first KCC weekend conference by printing out the form below and mailing it with your check for $10 payable to KCC, to Nancy Plumer, KCC Abundance Keeper, P.O. Box 4092, Kingston, NY 12402-4092. Then you will receive all future KCC communications, conference announcements, emails and mailings.

Membership in KCC can also lead to participation in the governance of the community.

And as a member, you are always encouraged to invite other like-minded individuals to attend a weekend conference.