Whoever Comes Are The Right People

 Excerpts and Musings from January KCC 2016


Archetypal Poem composed from keywords spoken at Winter KCC 2016

“In service to connections, love’s bold and fluid container now creates a family with such potential.

As we anchor, landed amidst the portals with golden threads we release our warmth and hearts, listening….

Feeling respected and filled with lovingkindness, trust and humor emerge among gales of laughter.

Our Witness presences a new appreciation of order and disorder, shaping an aliveness of spirit, an Onceler. ”

Here’s the link to the recording.

And … Even as the sun sets now on this full moon day w 5 planets aligned…resting in appreciation of the connections continuing and evolving, this potency of the future calls us forth…

As Alan and Ron both acknowledged  in different ways this weekend — death is nearby by and approaches with masks

…  might we all ‘be found’ by ‘ways’ that help release…. That suffering that remains from attaching to time and space…

How might we release from old forms and welcome the gentle dislodging, disengaging  from old forms, old shapes, old movements, old ghosts/thoughts/beliefs

perhaps an honoring toward this deepening of connection and an appreciation of what might actually invite a clearer focus and full embrace of what we all share and yearn for…

As Matt said in last Vision Counsel meeting

A ‘potency’ from all the time spent together before….

may we all fall back again into that grace…..

listening in, we remain….

connecting, co-evolving…

may peace prevail on earth


IMG_9351 IMG_9349 IMG_9348 IMG_9353

January KCC is here. Time to reserve your place.

Attuned to Spirit (KCC) Winter Gathering: Jan 22-24, 2016

What is Calling You?

A deep dive into purpose and passion

What is calling you? What are you passionate about exploring with kindred spirits?

Come join us at this year’s Attuned to Spirit (KCC) gathering to recharge and renew your spirit. This deep exploration will offer you a unique opportunity to pause and reflect on your life’s purpose and passion.

You will vote with your feet to explore questions of your choice to support pursuing what you care most about within a nurturing community of change makers.

Come enjoy this retreat and make new friends and rekindle relationships with old ones.

The Winter gathering takes place at the Lifebridge Sanctuary in Rosendale NY, a beautiful, comfortable and peaceful environment, 80 miles north of New York City with lodging on-site for 60. Meals are created by our own farm-to-table caterers who excel at addressing your special dietary needs.

We look forward to you joining us for this deep dive experience into what gives your life purpose and passion through connection with kindred spirits.

Date: Jan 22-24, 2016
Place: Lifebridge Sanctuary – 333 Mountain Rd  Rosendale, NY 12472
Registration Friday Jan 22 starting at 2:00pm
Friday dinner 5:30pm Welcome circle 7:00pm
Sunday ends by 2:00 pm

With Lodging & Meals: $290
Commuters: $190
One day drop-ins: $100

For more information about KCC: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KCCSocial/

KCC is an open community of passionate people who are Attuned to Spirit. We uplift and support each other to act for enlightened change in ourselves and in the world. Through connection, exploration and deep conversation, we learn from each other and gain insights that lead each of us to embody inspired action, resulting in sustainable and caring relationships with each other, our families, our organizations, our communities and our planet.

Vision Council Meeting AND January KCC coming up soon!

January KCC weekend happens on the 22nd-24th and tickets will be on sale after December 25th. I have personally attending for 3 years and it is quite and amazing experience each time… this year will be no different.

Design team:
Lisa Murrell, Newell Eaton & Marty Kurtz

SAVE THE DATE: January 22nd-24th

Tickets go on sale after the 25th of December.

The Vision Council decided to modernize the way we connect. Starting this December  we will be hosting our meetings virtually instead of in person.  Our normal 4 (ish) hour meeting 2 or so times a year will now be 2 hour meeting held every quarter via video conference. This new approach aims to make our connection points more often so that the collective flame of our desires can grow more consistently.

Next VC meeting will be held JANUARY, 21st  from 5-7pm virtually via zoom.  If you would like to attend email kcclists@gmail.com BEFORE January 15th to be sure our technology can handle the amount of guests.

Proposed Agenda
Note: Times are for guidance only; time allocated to each topic will depend on depth of discussion and desires of the vision counsel.

KCC Vision:
KCC is an open community of passionate people who are Attuned to Spirit. We uplift and support each other to act for enlightened change in ourselves and in the world.

Through connection, exploration and deep conversation, we learn from each other and gain insights that lead each of us to embody inspired action, resulting in sustainable and caring relationships with each other, our families, our organizations, our communities and our planet.

4:55     Early arrival:
Kindly prepare before you enter shared virtual space – you may wish to light your own candle
5:00     Meeting Begins – landing
•    Centering – volunteer?
•    Read Vision – volunteer?
•    Check-in’s (2-3 min each ) – All
Review / revise agenda and select roles (5 min)
•    Facilitator
•    Scribe
•    Timekeeper
•    Process Observer
•    Fun Fairy / Energizer
•    Spirit Keeper

How do we wish to work together (5 min.) ?
•    centered/ be fully present
•    Listen/breathe
•    Participate/share ideas
•    Stay focused, choose not to sidetrack
•    Relax and trust the process/ Be in ease/ light and notice patience/impatience
•    Be non-attached to outcome/seva
•    Be concise
•    ???

5:30  Status Updates and Keeper Reports (5 min ea)
Design Keeper: Izzy
Report on what happened with Fall KCC
Update on the Winter KCC, possible actions/responsibilities fir VC members attending
Update on Summer KCC
Site Keeper:  Nancy is de-facto site keeper for January
Communications Keeper – Rono
Abundance Keeper – Terri
VC possibilities – Matt and committee

5:50 Review of minutes and actions since previous VC Meeting –
Flame Keeper –What is wanting to emerge for KCC? New promises and commitments?

Dialogue on shared cares and capacity building for keeping traditions alive and listening into what might be emerging, inviting new initiatives. Or not.

6:30 Process Observer and Spirit Keeper appreciations

6:45 Coordinating Action
•    VC virtual meeting dates – monthly? quarterly? Doodle.
•    Review promises/commitments / next action steps
•    Brief individual check out

7:00 Close

Musings from Fall KCC gathering

Dear Folks,

I’m flush in our afterglow.Here’s a dream that visited last night fresh after our color harvest.

A man offers his yellow belly to the sun.
Two dogs cross an unfamiliar boundary.
He dreams of water flooding the safety zone.
A zaftig woman in saffron robes speaks indigo words of love.
The red sky blackens as waters cascade from the broken dome of certainty.
He heads home.

Paul Clarke

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hi Everyone,

Still cooking with the yummy sauces that were served up on Saturday. The venue, the weather, the delicious food, the loving embrace of each other, the high falls, the colors, the music, the easy flow of the design and the gifts of discovery and learning. A great harvest. thank you all for being a part of it.

Curtis Watkins

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Such a delight to be with you all to reap our souls’ harvest together. I appreciate the renewed dialogue about KCC’s forward movement, particularly the invitation to earnestly commit to a voluntary carbon tax. And for me, as shared, KCC is always new, always fresh and inspiring, full of depth, warmth, and play.
I appreciate each and every one of your voices and look forward to gathering in January with both old friends and new.

I’m attaching a Fall Leaf Wreath as a gentle reminder of our time together.

With love and respect,
Catharine Clarke

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Thanks to all for a great day and for feeling welcome with the beautifully Bonded KCC family. My takeaway was a joyous reunion With Mother Earth and a deep gratitude for her infinite gifts, especially Color and YELLOW. I am more clear and dedicated to my next stage as a painter and have a big urge to do it in unheard of ways through a lens of sustainability.

I honor and appreciate the diversity of this group and hope to see you again.

With love,
(Patricia McDonald)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

It was a delightful day….almost feel like they should be more often. Maybe KCC one daaayyyers, should be every quarter..at someones home…oh yeah, then we need a design….just a thought….see you all in January if not before…

Cheryl Palmer

Reaping Our Natures’ Harvest: An Autumn Day of Conscious Community

Theme: Reaping Our Natures’ Harvest:  An Autumn Day of Conscious Community

Theme Quote: “With the “green” gone, the other colors that have been there all along — the magical reds, golds, and oranges — begin to express themselves. That’s the secret: there is no turning, no changing. There’s only the death of what has been masking the colors inside. The beauty has been there all along. And we as human beings are like this. Each one of us contains hidden jewels inside.”

— OMID SAFI, a columnist for On Being

Description: A day to be in community together. Walks in nature, enjoy rich conversations, share music and good food. Let’s explore the hidden treasures we each carry and share the jewels of our evolving KCC community.

Saturday, September 26, 10am to 5:30pm

Optional dinner out at local acclaimed farm to table restaurant, following the close of the workshop.

Location: Philmont, NY (upper Hudson Valley) – Robin Andrews and Chris Lastovika’s home (specific directions will be sent upon registration)

Registration Deadline: Monday Sept 21

Names of Design Team Members: Catharine and Paul Clarke + Allie Middleton and Newell Eaton

For more information contact: Allie at alliemiddleton@mac.com

Fee: $49

What to Bring: wear comfortable clothes for hiking and relaxation, journal, favorite writing/drawing tools, musical instruments, good vibes, good questions, open mind, open heart. Invite kindreds!

January 2015 Conference

KCC_Suprasexual1January Conference 23-25, 2015

Women & Men – What’s Next?
Consciously Exploring Gender Dynamics, Sexuality, Communication, Intimacy, Conflict and Co-creativity.

Where do miss and where do we meet… how do we navigate and enhance the changing roles and needs of women and men (whatever the sexual identity) in contemporary society?

Join us this January as we explore the yearning of our soul (the “ME space”) for deep connection and the quality of our relationships (the “WE space”) as intimate partners, friends, colleagues, parents, children and siblings. Through this weekend experience we will become aware of the hold our culturally created identities have on us and be inspired to move into a new experience of harmony, joy and understanding in our myriad relationships.

Weekend Outline
Our purpose is to explore the quality of our relationships as intimate partners, friends, colleagues, parents, children and siblings. Where we meet and where we miss…how do we navigate and enhance the changing roles and needs of women and men in contemporary society?

Our intentions for the weekend are:

  • To See and Be Seen
  • To Deepen our capacity for connection
  • To invoke curiosity about the other in relationship
  • To suspend judgment
  • To learn with each other
  • To create a space for heart opening
  • To heal some of our relationship wounds
  • To deepen our understanding of each other
  • To honor our differences


  • Understanding differences in the other to develop a more skillful capacity to respond.
  • Increased awareness of adult development and active/receptive energies.
  • Broadens, deepens and strengthens the community.
  • Participants are energized with new learning about the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of themselves and others.
  • Participants are refreshed and recharged.
  • Play, let go, fun!

We have reached capacity for the past 2 years in a row so if this conference calls to you I would strongly recommend purchasing your ticket now. This is an excellent workshop for couples and you are encouraged to bring your significant other.

We suggest watching these materials before coming to the event in January.
This is a great starting point for creating the dialog for the weekend experience.

Tale of 2 Brains:
Men, Women and How Their Brains Work

Brene Brown:
The Power Of Vulnerability

October KCC.

Hello KCC,

I would like to bring you up to date on the most recent October KCC.  It was a fun filled Friday nite at a fabulous local restaurant (The Crown Grill) where we enjoyed some yummy food and met a few local folks who may come to future KCC’s. Rono & Sierra were wonderful hosts, sharing the sights, sounds and wonders of Saratoga Springs.

Saturday, Chris Neiman, Rono & Sierra led us through a very full day of rich exploration into the world of our ancestors and our current meme’s, the stories we have adopted,  the ones which we have rejected and which ones we might be conflicted about. BTW… this is all my personal experience not to be confused with “the truth”.

We created and shared life lines of significant events, the experience of sharing those life lines  truly brought me in to a deeper understanding of myself and the others who were present. We  then dove into a rich territory of gender, power, and generational communication, and how we will not be able to fully empower ourselves or each other with the old “power over” models and need to invent or attend to the emergence of new ways of being together that honor and acknowledge our pasts while informing our present and giving future generations a better place from which to evolve and ascend.

As part of creating our new story we collaborated around the importance of language and how our words can either bring us together or pull us apart.

What was particularly fulfilling for me, was that our exploration on Saturday stood on the shoulders of the experience of mindfulness and emotional intelligence that we had this summer, and opened the door for the conversations and discoveries that await us in January. The thread is becoming cloth.

I hope to see all of you in January.  Dates for this profound KCC are January 23-25th, more details to follow shortly.

Flame Keeper for KCC


How did my grandparents contribute
to my happiness and sadness?

Saratoga SpringsThis October 11th, 2014 in Saratoga Springs the KCC will be offering another stellar workshop to help you gain clarity in your life and bring new tools to your business.

We are all familiar with the idea that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality; in this dayshop we are going to take it to another level, and look at how our family/clan beliefs impact our personal beliefs and experience. How have the seven generations past formed our current joys and pains, and how do we impact the next seven generations through our consciousness (or lack of consciousness!). Through fun, interactive and powerful exercises we will use mindfulness to come to a new level of choice in our lives.

This event is designed for training, coaching and OD professionals who work with individuals and organizations. KCC is a “community of practice” that fosters creativity, personal development, and collaboration through designed experiences that allow participants to gain new skills and insights for themselves and their clients. We welcome new faces and encourage your to come so our “family” can grow.


What happened after 20 years of spirit in the work place?

Hello Lovely Souls~

Much has happened in all of out lives since our last gathering back in January.  Those of you that are in the northeast must be ready, like I am, for spring to break through.  Although the weather has been cold the warmth in our hearts will keep us warm until the summer comes and the next KCC gathering.  You can find information on that HERE.

Also those of you that would like to join the Vision Council at our next meeting please do so.  You can email me directly to let us know you would be coming. (kcclists at gmail.com)

Below please find… a few images from our lovely even, a video of “Welcome Home” a song that was written commemorating 20 years of bringing spirit to the workplace.  Plus and audio recording of the song as well.  Feel free to download and enjoy whenever you want!

Speak soon,
(Communication Keeper)


Dinner_Jan2014 SayingGoodbye2_Jan2014

Yummy_Jan2014 GreatConversations_Jan2014 Opening_Jan2014 SayingGoodbye_Jan2014 CurtisRon_Jan2014 Friends_Jan2014 Sierra and Allie Jan 2014

To hear the solo version of “Welcome Home”
recorded at Lifebridge Sanctuary CLICK HERE

Beyond the End of Time

Exploring the emerging future after the polar shift; cultivating practices for embodiment and emergence.

Greetings Friends of KCC!

You are invited to join us to:

  • Engage in deep conversations with like-minded practitioners and seekers who are inviting spirit into living and working and into this great time of change
  • Explore embodied presence and leadership practices based on the movements of the U process
  • Experience the mystery and magic of emergence – be surprised
  • Renew connections with old friends and create new relationships

We will explore together in small (family) and large groups, learning through experience while engaging in specific movement practices and dialogue. There will be ample free time to rest, commune with nature, connect with friends and colleagues, and enjoy fine food and conversation.

Saturday afternoon we will “Open Space” – an opportunity for participants to lead a small group session on any topic. If you would like to share a particular model, creative approach, emerging insights, theme, book, or anything that has been inspiring you in your work or your life, or even just lead a group in singing songs or making snow angels, please bring any necessary materials and come prepared to share your offer.

Saturday evening’s entertainment will include a ‘Show and Tell.’ So, bring along your own gifts and talents (and your own props). Creative collaborations are definitely encouraged!

Feel free to forward this invitation to anyone you think might enjoy the KCC community and this offering. Also, visit the KCC webpage at: www.spiritintheworkplace.com

The conference begins with dinner at 6pm on Friday and concludes with lunch on Sunday.

Fees: Onsite weekend – $255 (including meals and accommodation), Commuter – $165 (meals only). This includes a reduced administration fee. The KCC vision counsel has agreed to suspend membership fees and reduce administration fees for 2013. Space is limited so sign up early. If you have any questions, please send an email to drpaulward@yahoo.com

In service, your design team:
Allie Middleton, Nancy Plumer, Paul Ward

KCC Jan. 2013 Registration Form